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Inferno Records® was founded by pop music artist, songwriter, and producer Killian Wells to put a new spin on the outdated record label business model.

We believe music is much more than a series of arranged sounds; it’s an influential driving force behind our culture and the soundtrack to our everyday lives. Whether it’s in the car, at the workplace, or getting freaky in the club, music is part of who we are.

Utilizing a collective group of established and up-and-coming industry professionals and corporate partners Inferno Records is changing the way music is delivered to the masses.

Our music has been used by various brands including Hollister, Claire’s, and US Airways in-flight entertainment. Our artists have appeared internationally on major outlets like MTV, HBO, and bpm:tv Canada.


Inferno Records is a registered trademark, we are the only label with the rights to the name and logo in the United States. We are in no way affiliated with any other U.S. based labels unlawfully using the same name.